Transform your Business with Outsourced IT Support

Although the working world has begun to adapt to the new processes and procedures that the COVID-19 pandemic brought, many businesses are still feeling operational or financial pressures. While investing in your technology might not seem like the obvious answer, it can bring a range of business benefits. Optimising your IT systems can help to improve your service delivery and therefore positively affect your customer relationships. Working with an outsourced IT support provider can help you to make your IT more efficient, effective and secure, boosting the productivity output of your business.

What are the benefits of outsourced IT support for SMBs?

Support growth

It can be challenging for smaller businesses to remain up to date with the latest developments in the technology space. In-house IT departments often do not have sufficient resources to continually invest in trainings on the latest technologies, and can struggle to balance the demands of maintaining a business’ IT infrastructure while tackling urgent problems. This can quickly lead to roadblocks and delays caused by technical issues.

While outsourced IT support providers can function as your entire IT department, handling all the monitoring, management and maintenance of your technical systems, they can also work alongside your existing internal teams. It can be helpful for your in-house team to have access to specialist expertise, greater resources and additional support for more demanding projects.

Outsourced IT support can help to enhance the growth of your business. With more resources invested into your technology you can scale your operations more efficiently.


Maintaining an internal IT department comes with a variety of costs that, over time, can begin to add up. Your business will face many regular expenses, including paying salaries, organising training sessions and additional costs of upkeep. Even if your business is facing a period of downtime, these costs will still need to be paid. Alternatively, when you invest in outsourced IT support, you can pause their services when your business’ demand is lower. This means that you are only paying for the services you are actually using, when you are using them. Additionally, you can avoid any unexpected costs or fees as IT service providers usually work for a fixed monthly fee. As you can plan your IT expenses in advance, you can free up capital to invest into scaling your business.

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Business continuity

Outsourced IT support has developed far beyond the break-fix model. Now, when you work with an effective IT service provider, you can develop a long-lasting, reliable working relationship. Your outsourced provider can become familiar with your business practices, processes and goals, and help you to develop a long-term IT strategy. Thanks to this ongoing support, they can help you to create a business continuity plan that future-proofs and secures your organisation.


Productivity is, rightly, extremely important to many businesses. Enhancing productivity will have positive results for many areas of your company, increasing your output, enhancing your service delivery and supporting your growth. Outsourcing your IT support improves the reliability of your systems, allowing your employees to work without the restrictions and limitations of technical difficulties. Your IT provider will take full responsibility for time consuming, complicated tasks such as onboarding new employees onto the system, establishing cyber security procedures and managing compliance. This allows your team to focus on more creative projects.

Ready to optimise your IT?

Is your business ready to discover the many advantages of outsourced IT support? Pensar is a reliable IT service provider with over 25 years of experience in the industry. By providing personalised, business specific IT strategies and targeted support, we empower your business to succeed through IT. Want to find out more about our range of services?

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