Need a Cyber Security Expert? Outsourcing is the Answer.


Many businesses will have considered cyber security over the years – especially in 2020And many businesses will consider the pros and cons of outsourced IT support. What would a combination of the two look like?

Answerall sorts of benefits. If cyber security has ever been so much as a thought for your business, read on to discover why an outsourced cyber security expert can deliver what you need. 

Outsourcing is the easiest way to access expert IT professionals

Top cyber security talent is hard to come by. They’re typically snapped up quickly by larger businesses with more resources. This leaves an SME’s IT department to figure out cyber security themselves whilst juggling a variety of other issues. Outsourcing your IT gives you access to a team of cyber security experts who live and breathe security for a living. They can focus on the tasks that an in-house IT department simply doesn’t have the time for such as ensuring security compliance and round the clock monitoring.

With outsourcing you get 24/7 proactive monitoring

Cyber security expert

Outsourced IT gives a business access to a team rather than an individual. A single in-house cyber security expert will need to go home eventually. Meanwhile, a cyber security team can remain always on, 24/7, ready to spot issues before they become problematic.

Outsourcing means experienced cyber security technicians 

Cyber security expert

The longer incidents go unremedied, the more damage they can do. To solve a problem as quickly as possible, a cyber security team’s combined experience and broader range of skills is more likely to have insight into how to react to a cyber attack. To minimise downtime, save as much data as possibleand keep business going, multiple cyber security experts are better than one.

Outsourced IT providers will provide training for your team

Both your in-house IT team and your employees can learn a great deal about cyber security from outsourced cyber security experts. Your employees can btrained to be the first line of defence against attacks like phishing and ransomware. At the same time outsourced cyber security experts can work with your in-house IT team side by side to point out vulnerabilities within your IT.

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Outsourcing gives you access to superior technology

Cyber criminals are perpetually trying to outsmart security technology. This means the technology of a cyber security expert must constantly be one step ahead.

A non-specialist has neither the time nor the knowledge to make the most of the latest cyber security technology. But when you align your business with a team of full-time cyber security experts, you align with the premium technology they use every day. 

With outsourcing you’ll save money

A cyber security expert will require some pretty pricey technology to do their job well. And as mentioned, a good expert will be pretty hard to come by. This makes finding one costly and time consuming.

They’re also likely to demand a hefty wage. An outsourced IT company has already assembled team of cyber security experts and is already using their technology at scale on multiple clients, thus keeping their costs down.


The above points are essentially many sides of the same coin. Working with outsourced cyber security means one thing; taking advantage of a pre-selected teamA team here does the same job an individual would do but cheaper, more efficiently, and with certifed collective knowledge behind it. 

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