Microsoft Lists Increase Productivity & Efficiency in the Workplace


Microsoft Lists began to roll out to Microsoft 365 Business users worldwide this summer. The new app is available with Microsoft 365 for free and it’s the new hassle-free solution designed to save you time and enable you to work smarter and more efficiently.

Microsoft is always coming up with new ways to supercharge your workplace efficiency. Find out why Microsoft Lists is worth your time.   


Why use Microsoft Lists 

To-do lists, shopping lists, meetings lists, questions, notes and more.

Every person, no matter what sector you work in, has those days where you have lists coming out of your ears – and lists for your lists.  

Staying on top of your workload and personal admin can be a real challenge without the right organisational tools.

When you’re dealing with a variety of clients, colleagues or projects, it can quickly become overwhelming to coordinate and manage your tasks. Microsoft Lists has the flexibility to create bespoke platforms and formats to enable you to work in a way that suits you best.  

Bespoke set up 

When you start using Microsoft Lists, you will be able to choose or create a template that fits your requirements. Your new list will work similarly to Excel, allowing you to type in list items, create rules and automations. These automations can save you time by going as far as sending emails and reminders to co-workers for you.

However, you are not limited to a spreadsheet view as you might be with Excel. Microsoft Lists offers calendar view to easily track deadlines and forecast work efficiently, as well as a gallery view.  

Lists & Teams Collaboration 

Like all Microsoft programs and applications, Microsoft Lists seamlessly integrates with your other Microsoft 365 apps. This makes tracking data effortless and efficient. The integration with Microsoft Teams is easy to use as every element can be accessed directly from Teams. There’s less back and forth between different apps with Microsoft Lists, which will save you a lot of time every day as everything you need will be in one place.


Seamless Integration Throughout Applications

Microsoft Lists is not an add-in that you have to pay for in addition to your Microsoft 365 business plan. Microsoft Lists is one of the brilliant tools that Microsoft provides with Microsoft 365 for all business plan subscribers to access freely. If you don’t have Microsoft 365 already, perhaps Microsoft Lists and its seamless integration with tools like Teams is just another reason to take the step.

Take a look at why you need to make the move to Microsoft 365 before October. 


If you have Microsoft 365 already, it’s always worth keeping an eye out for the newest Microsoft apps and tools to ensure that you are optimising your plan.  

If you’re not sure whether your current Microsoft 365 business plan is meeting your needs, take this quick assessment to find out what the best fit for your business is.



If you have any questions about Microsoft 365 Business Plans or how to make the most of it within your business, get in contact with the Pensar team.

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