iOS vs Android: Two teams, one debate


We’ve been having an on-going debate here at Pensar HQ about Android and iOS operating systems and devices. Whilst everyone is talking about screens sizes, internal storage and plugs, three apps are keeping the Apple fan boy in-house very excited about the iPhone 5: Mailbox, One Day and the Podcast app.

He talks about Mailbox as the brilliantly hyped (and later acquired by Dropbox) mail app which syncs perfectly with your email and allows you to power through you inbox with the swipe of a thumb. Built on GTD by David Allen.

Next, One Day is another app that keeps Apple fans loyal, especially in the Marketing and Communications industry. It is a journal / writing / diary app that allows you to write to yourself, add photos and locations. Great for blogging, thought collecting, thinking out loud. It syncs between all Apple devices, including iPad, iPhone and Mac.

He also loves the Podcast app; in fact, he thinks it is better than iTunes full stop. Originally, Instagram was the app that kept Apple fan boy on the iOS, but now these tried and tested apps have extended his loyalty. But Apple fan boy is ready to admit it is the app rather than the handset that is determining his loyalty.

But what about Android? Fewer fanatics over here; however the fan girl gives us some reasons why she is still in love with it and has decided to go for the new Samsung Galaxy S4.

First of all, she thinks Android offers a highly customised experience thanks to widgets, which you can place on your phone’s home screen to give updated information from your apps. As an example, she mentions a calendar widget that will show upcoming appointments without having to open the calendar app (very useful for ultra-busy folks!).

Android fan girl also thinks Android is more compatible with most devices out there and it is more flexible when it comes to integration. And, of course, money counts here; there are many more free apps on Android than on iOS. She finds amazing the new eye tracking feature for the Samsung Galaxy; this means videos will pause automatically when you look away, and you can even scroll up and down web pages by tilting your head.

So as the debate continues, we’d love to hear more opinions about this trend. Are you an iOS or Android fan? And most importantly, what keeps your loyalty?

By the way, whether you’re using iOS or Android, your smartphone plays a fundamental role in your business continuity strategy as it’s a vital technology for helping to keep your business running. Want to know if you’re at risk? Check out our Disaster Recovery Planning Guide.

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