5 best apps for time tracking


When you work by the hour you need to use your time wisely. Making the most of your time isn’t easy, but tracking how you spend it can help you become more efficient and productive. However you want to measure your time, there’s an app for that:

1. Toggl

Toggl is among the most popular time-tracking apps and for good reason. You can get it on any device or operating system, you can track in real-time or log it later (if you forget) and you can export the data into handy reports.


2. Harvest

Another of the major apps for tracking time is Harvest. Again, it’s available on a range of devices, including the Apple watch. With built-in reports, budgeting, project tracking, billable and non-billable time tracking, Harvest has the full package.


3. RescueTime

Tracking your billable time is great, but what about the time you spend between tasks? The first step towards better productivity is knowing how you currently spend your time, including those accumulated minutes lost in the depths of the web.

RescueTime runs in the background, tracking how long you spend on applications and websites so you can get a clear picture of your daily habits.


4. Paymo

Paymo is a project management and time tracking tool all in one. You can create and assign tasks, share files, start discussions, set project milestones and record your time as you work.

5. Tyme

Are you an Apple advocate? Tyme is a nifty little app available on Mac, iPad and iPhone. Beyond tracking time, it also tracks mileage, activities, whether you’re on budget and offers statistics and reports about your workload in a tidy dashboard.


Time to get on track

We’d love to have more hours in the day, but the best we can hope for is to make good use of the 24 we have. So don’t let time make a fool of you: take control and take your productivity up a gear.

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