What is ChatGPT and How Can I Use It in My Business

In all likelihood, you’ve already heard of ChatGPT, the latest AI craze sweeping the globe. Since its launch in November 2022, ChatGPT has become something of a sensation, with individuals and businesses alike experimenting with the potential of this innovative new tool. But what exactly is ChatGPT? And how can you leverage it within your small business to increase efficiency and drive success?

In this article, we’ll try to answer some of the questions around this new technology.

What is ChatGPT?

Before you can fully understand ChatGPT, you need to know what GPT is. Or, to use its full title, Generative Pretained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) technology. GPT-3 is a language processing model developed by OpenAI which can generate realistic, human-like text. With 175 billion parameters, it is now one of the largest and most capable language processing AI models in existence.

So, what is ChatGPT? ChatGPT is a chatbot which leverages GPT-3 technology and natural language processing capabilities to create bespoke responses based on a user’s specific input. In simpler terms, ChatGPT generates text in response to a prompt entered by a user. ChatGPT was originally designed to assist with customer support, conversation and information gathering tasks. As it can compute a wide range of queries and give answers in real-time, it has become an extremely valuable tool for businesses looking to enhance their customer experience and improve the efficiency of their responses.

How Can You Use ChatGPT in Your Small Business?

You can use ChatGPT in many different ways within your business to improve your customer service, client engagement and content marketing.

Enhance Customer Service

You can use ChatGPT’s chatbot capabilities to automate responses to common customer questions and issues. ChatGPT can provide quick and accurate responses to inquiries, freeing your existing customer support agents to focus on more complicated or unique challenges. ChatGPT will help you to allocate your resources more intelligently, which will ultimately save you time and money.

Lead Generation

As you can use the tool to engage with prospects and gather contact information, ChatGPT can actually aid your lead generation. ChatGPT can deliver automated lead sequences and capture viable leads for your small business.


ChatGPT leverages its AI functionality to efficiently research and create content from across different sources. You can use this research to create a well-informed, consistent content marketing strategy within your small business.

Content Creation

While ChatGPT is by no means ready to replace your marketing team just yet, it can already generate relevant, engaging and human-like content that responds to specific input. You can even send personalised marketing content to customers based on their past interactions with your business or their existing interests. Consistently creating this relevant, contextualised content will help to increase engagement with your small business and drive traffic to your website.

Customer Engagement

Engaging with customers and prospects is an essential element of running a business, particularly if you are looking to kickstart your growth. Replying to your audience on social media, providing conversation prompts on your blog or forum and increasing your online presence helps to boost your brand’s reach, establish authority and build a community of brand advocates. You can use ChatGPT to help with all these elements of customer engagement across channels. This will free up time within your marketing team to focus on delivery.

Excited By the Possibilities of ChatGPT?

Would you like to discuss your strategy or your options? At Pensar, we can help. We offer bespoke growth consultancy services to help guide you through the implementation of new technologies in your business.

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