The Many Ways Microsoft 365 Improves Your Workplace Productivity

Is your business considering Microsoft 365, or are you already a user but you’re not sure if you’re missing a trick, or whether you’re even using it to its full potential? If so, read on, we’ll be looking the many ways your business could benefit from moving to Microsoft 365.

Cloud services are revolutionising businesses all over the world by delivering powerful collaboration and communication solutions, along with secure and highly effective file storage. They’re also providing sharing solutions and ensuring business apps offer the same functionality from mobile devices as they do on laptops and desktops. With subscription-based Cloud services, collaborative, secure, remote and efficient access to your business information, is a breeze.

Compiling a report, document, tender or other tasks where you need the input of various stakeholders, is so much quicker and easier with Microsoft 365. In the Cloud your document can simply be shared and updated by all. All versions are saved and can be rolled-back if needed, and access privileges can be carefully managed should the document contain sensitive information. No more confusion about which version is the latest, no more endless emails from authors and contributors wanting changes or additions, just the one, main document. Your teams can add comments, track changes, roll back and more, all in the Cloud.

So, what is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based set of productivity tools, it’s available in three packages: For Home, For Business –small and medium sized businesses and for Enterprise. The business solutions combine Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security and Windows 10.

By combining all the apps and tools in Office 365 with EM+S, and the operating system, the entire solution is sold as a single subscription. It’s practically everything that your business could ever need, in one simple subscription package.

Priced on a per user per month basis, it comprises of the following tools:

Exchange Online

This Cloud-based email server solution, contains all your business email solutions, hosted in the Cloud, for a simple monthly fee.

SharePoint Online

A super effective Cloud storage and collaboration tool. SharePoint Online delivers Cloud storage with data protection, incredible sharing and co-authoring capabilities.

Microsoft Teams

Offering video conferencing for up to 1,000 participants, making it perfect for remote training, conferences and events, this solution also boasts collaborative chat, voice, and file sharing and collaboration. With regular updates to the platform, it provides many additional layers of communication features including persistent chat, effective communications and streamlined working workflows for internal and external teammates.

Office ProPlus

Providing all legacy Office desktop applications including Microsoft Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote and Access.

Enterprise Mobility + Security

EM+S delivers extra layers of protection for your business data. The tools protect your business data with features like Identity Management and Mobile Device Management. These, in addition to the operating system and other tools like Yammer and Planner, make up the Microsoft 365 package.

Well known tools available in Microsoft 365 Office ProPlus

As Microsoft 365 consists of many of the legacy Microsoft Office enterprise and business tools, it’s familiar, which means there’s no downtime for staff training.

Work collaboration with Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online allows employees to work on the same document, as well as store and share files in an easy and reliable way. SharePoint provides a secure environment for collaboration and work.

Woman working from home, sitting at her desk on a conference meeting online with colleagues

Remote working solutions that work on all devices

Microsoft 365 delivers the Office applications on tablets, phones and desktop computers. It delivers businesses with stable and effective mobile working to ensure their staff can access files in the Cloud to complete tasks faster, from different devices anywhere, and without compromising quality or deadlines.

Cloud-based shared storage with SharePoint Online

Microsoft 365’s SharePoint stops the issues associated with multiple versions of the same documents, as all employees will securely store files in the Cloud, then simply access, amend, share and update from anywhere in the world.

Microsoft 365 delivers first class collaboration

You have the ability to add not only your internal teams, but also anyone external to the business, to your Microsoft 365 solution. You can define their exacting access rights and allow chosen users to work on the same document, share files and communicate by phone, video call, chat or email from anywhere in the world.

Your business could benefit from building virtual teams, employing international freelancers, independent contractors and consultants, who can all be provided with bespoke access rights to your Microsoft 365 environment.

Reduced downtime

As Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based suite of apps, there is no physical installation, no special software licensing and you don’t need trained engineers. There’s no required monthly maintenance or updates as your Cloud services are automatically updated as new versions, releases or patches are made available. This eliminates the downtime usually associated with updating and patching and further helps your business run efficiently.

A secure work environment with Enterprise Mobility and Security

As ever, data security is a top priority, and an effective cybersecurity solution is critical. Microsoft 365 delivers extra layers of security through EM+S, which reduces the possibility of a breach, a cyber-attack or data loss.

There will be many more productivity benefits that your business will discover within Microsoft 365 and its flexible subscription solution, and the whole solution is far easier to manage, navigate and utilise.

If you’re thinking about migrating your business to Microsoft 365, get in touch today. We’re experts with Apple, PC and multi-solution environments, our teams are well-versed, well-trained and well-practiced in migrating businesses to the Cloud, as we’ve transitioned many of our clients already.

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