Pensar Joins Dropbox Partner Network


Dropbox has recently extended its Business Partner Program to Europe and we are pleased to announce that Pensar is one of the initial Dropbox for Business Partners in the UK. After passing the required training program, the Pensar team is now certified to provide a seamless implementation of Dropbox for Business.

We’ve joined the program because it is a powerful tool that many people are already familiar with as a personal productivity aid and the new Dropbox for Business takes that tried and tested solution and extends it for use by organisations that like its ease of use but need to better protect corporate data and manage their teams.

Since joining the Dropbox Partner Network, we have already implemented Dropbox for Business for some of our clients. The service allows them to benefit from vastly increased productivity and functionality, often without having to replace old servers or subscribe to costly or complicated services.

Businesses moving to Dropbox for Business are able to experience the following improvements:

– File recovery and versioning
Dropbox for Business includes unlimited version history, so you can track changes and recover your work.

– All the space you need
Start with 1,000 GB and get more space as your team grows.

– The most reliable technology
Delta sync and LAN sync make sure your data is updated quickly, even on unreliable internet connections.

– Dropbox built for your business
Keep your spreadsheets, presentations and other files up-to-date across multiple devices, stay in-sync with your colleagues, and get all the space you need! Managing your Dropbox for Business account with admin controls and dedicated help.

– You and your data covered
Dropbox’s security approach is to constantly evolve and innovate to meet the needs of the current environment. The network security and monitoring techniques are designed to provide multiple layers of protection and defence.

– Take your work anywhere
Dropbox for Business makes working on the go seamless and easy. Every file you add to your account is automatically synced to every device on which you have Dropbox installed. You can also share and collaborate easily with members and access your files without an internet connection. Never worry again about arriving at the big meeting without the latest document.

– Never lose a file again
Dropbox for Business keeps a snapshot of every change you’ve ever made to your files, so you can view past edits and restore previous versions at any time.

– Manage your team with admin controls
From the admin console, get visibility into everything that is in your Dropbox for Business account, including member details, recent activity, devices and apps that are linked, and web sessions. Easily message all members and set folder and file sharing levels. Check if members have enabled two-step verification, and send reminders or a password reset emails if necessary.

– Shared folders make collaboration a snap
When you share a folder with your colleagues, it feels like you’re sharing a computer. All of your project files will be in one central place and any member of the folder can save changes directly to the shared copy in an instant. Admins can also determine if colleagues can share outside of the Dropbox for Business account.

– Files are automatically backed up
You’ll never have to worry about backing up your files, because on Dropbox they’re saved on your computer and across multiple devices. Even if your hard drive breaks down, you can still access your Dropbox files on any computer via the web.

So what are you waiting for?  It’s an overall win-win. If you’d like to know more about the benefits of joining Dropbox for Business, let us know and we will be happy to help you improve your productivity.

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