How to bookmark, copy or open multiple links simultaneously


This is part four of a series of blog posts giving marketing agencies quick, helpful advice so they can overcome some of the most common technology problems they face. We’ve been working with marketing agencies since day one, so we have a few hacks up our sleeves to help.

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Tech hacks for marketing agencies #4: how to open multiple links simultaneously

As a content marketer, how often do you scroll through search engine results when you’re researching a blog post? Probably every day. The slowest part of that process is clicking through every search result to try to find relevant information. Here’s a way to shave a lot of time off that process.

Linkclump (for Google Chrome) and Multi links Plus (for Firefox) are add-ons that make it simple to copy, bookmark or open multiple links at the same time. It’s simple:

  1. Download your add-on from the links above (you may need to close and re-open your browser to finish installing).
  2. If the install has completed, you should see the logo of your chosen add-on on your toolbar to the right of the URL bar.
  3. Now, simply right-click, hold and drag the selection box over any links you want to select. By default, these links will open in new tabs.
  4. Access the settings menu for either add-on by right clicking the logo in the toolbar and selecting ‘Options’. From there you can change the tool so that it opens links in a new window, bookmarks them or copies them to clipboard.

That should be it! Now head to a search engine and give it a try. It’s little tricks like this that can make a huge difference to your productivity.

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