IT Support

IT Support

IT support and management

When you’re in our family, you get the support you need from a dedicated engineer. This is your single point of contact – the person who will respond to any technical issues you have, or advice you request. As a result, they will be up to speed with your business requirements, staff details, site layout and IT set up and therefore equipped with everything they need to quickly resolve your problem. Depending on your support requirements, you can choose either to contact your engineer through email or phone, or in person with on-site visits.

Windows and Mac support

If you’ve got a ‘mixed’ office with a variety of Apple laptops, PCs, iPhones, Android devices and more, Pensar can save you time and money trying to overcome any problems you may have with making them work side by side. Seamless Mac and PC integration is a speciality of ours and it covers integration of mail, calendars, address lists, shared contacts, shared folders, file servers and remote support.

Backup and data recovery

“90% of companies that lose data from a disaster are forced to shut within 2 years.” [source: London Chamber of Commerce]. Pensar helps companies avoid being just another stat by providing a number of data recovery, hardware resilience, off site back up and business continuity solutions to cover every eventuality.


If you’re on a restricted budget, Pensar will recommend virtualisation. Instead of having many physical pieces of hardware, virtualisation allows multiple servers to co-exist off one physical piece of hardware. You need only invest in buying one or two servers that are then optimized and allow for fast data recovery, savings on capital cost, savings on support costs and savings on energy. This is the clever option.

Hardware and software

Pensar will manage the supply and licensing of your hardware and software products, offering competitive prices and only recommending those that your business really needs and which deliver real benefits. At the start of the working relationship, Pensar will audit your IT systems and continue to offer advice so that you can make informed decisions to define the essential products.

Whatever your systems requirements are, we can match it. Have a look at our Partners to see some of the suppliers we work with.

Office relocation

Maintain high levels of productivity and minimal disruption with Pensar’s help during office relocations within the UK and Europe. From the basics of IT relocation to full service IT project planning and management, as well as sourcing of reliable third party suppliers, Pensar has over 19 years experience to assist.


Additional Services Available

  • Cyber Security User Awareness Training
  • Cyber Security Audits & Remediation
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Asset & Lifecycle Management
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Website Hosting
  • Business Telephony