Ransomware. It's a common topic. We've talked about it before on our blog, but despite all this discussion it is still the number one threat to a small business. If you want to avoid an attack, then you can't get away with doing the bare minimum with security. Antivirus software alone isn't good enough. Password security alone isn't good enough.

You need to provide a united front; all of your systems, software and employees have to work in unison to finally put a stop to ransomware. It's either that or face a crippling payout or severe data loss. The downtime alone could cost you thousands as you'll learn in this short ransomware video.

Ransomware video: the facts 

Pensar is partnered with Datto, a provider of backup, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions. Together we want to help businesses like yours understand the threat of ransomware and then build a comprehensive solution that will protect you and your customers. Find out more in our latest guide:

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