At Pensar, we always deliver service excellence and that’s what leads us to be one of London’s leading IT companies. In order to help us achieve that, we’ve always partnered with leading vendors such as Zen Internet, because they share the same business philosophy: a personal and proactive approach to managing customer relationships. This way, we can ensure we offer an end to end customer experience that is second to none.

These are the reasons why we partner only with the best, so we can stand out from the crowd:

1. Service Excellence

Thanks to our partnership with Zen, we can rest assured that our services are delivered to our clients within the highest standards of quality, consistency, and in the event that something does goes wrong, a reliable company that has the ability to resolve it quickly with minimal impact on our customers.

2. Online Presence Development

To support a variety of business critical applications, from email to cloud computing services, at Pensar we offer our clients the full range of Zen’s connectivity solutions. For those customers needing to build their online presence, we also provide domain names and web hosting packages supplied by Zen.

 3. Customer Mind-Set

We firmly believe that our business clients need an internet service that has been designed with business users in mind, which is why we partner with Zen for most of our connectivity needs. We work with a partner who puts the customer first, just as we do, and shares our view that providing excellent customer service requires a holistic approach.

 4. Value-Added Approach

Providing reliable internet services to our clients creates a strong foundation on which we can offer a diverse range of value-added services to Pensar clients. It becomes an enabler that helps create loyal customers.

 5. Up-to-date Technology

As new technologies such as fibre broadband become available, Pensar’s partnership with Zen means our customers will always have access to the latest services and solutions to expand their businesses, especially in such demanding sectors as Marketing or Investment, where solid connectivity is critical to keep them running smoothly.

Pensar has worked with Zen since 2006 and is a Zen Platinum Partner.

Remember that Pensar is here to help you out with all your technology challenges, from connectivity services to full IT management. Contact us here for more information and follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to stay in the loop!

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