We live in a world of contradictions. Some people will disagree with facts and cry out ‘FAKE NEWS!’ But they’ll believe actual fake news.

It can be hard to separate the facts from the falsehoods, but luckily in the world of IT security news, we have some truly useful and reliable sources we can trust.

Here are 15 of the best (and most reliable) sources of IT security news.

1. Krebs on Security

After suffering a hack in 2001, Washington Post reporter Brian Krebs became obsessed with cyber security. Since then he has become one of the best-known names in cyber security. He covers topics ranging from major IT security news to the latest threats, privacy breaches and cyber-criminals.

2. Security Affairs

Security Affairs is an award-winning blog written by ethical hacker, Pierluigi Paganini. It’s primarily an IT security news blog but also features interviews with hackers. If you need the latest news and want to know your enemy, this is the site for you.

3. SC Magazine

SC Media UK is a leading resource for cyber security professionals in the UK and Europe, providing up-to-date IT security news and analysis. The magazine also carries out independent product tests and writes editorials to help you to make the right security decisions for your business.

4. The Hacker News

With more than five million monthly readers, The Hacker News is one of the biggest channels for IT security news. It provides the latest resources in hacking, technology and ‘security in a serious way’.

5. Zero Day (ZDNet) 

ZDNet is a must visit for IT professionals looking to keep up with everything in technology. Its security section contains articles, photos, videos and reviews all based on IT security news and practices. What's more, it comes in twelve regional editions, so you can read the content that's most relevant to your location.

6. Peerlyst

Peerlyst is a community of cyber security professionals who talk about IT security and other key subjects. Their vision is ‘a future where information is more transparent and security projects become simpler and faster’.

It can take time for vital IT security news to reach more mainstream outlets. If you talk regularly to your fellow IT professionals, you might hear about the latest news before anyone else.

7. Naked Security

Naked Security is the blog of IT security company SOPHOS. Its award-winning newsroom covers news, opinion, advice and research on security issues and cyber threats. Readers consider this security blog one of the best available.

8. Malwarebytes Labs

Malwarebytes Labs is a dedicated security blog covering the latest developments on malware and other cybercrime tools. As a company providing software that protects your hardware against malware, they know what they’re talking about.

9. The Register

The Register takes a sometimes irreverent approach as indicated by its 'biting the hand that feeds IT' strap-line. However, its security section is an excellent source of IT security news. With more than nine million monthly visitors, this is a very popular tech publication.

10. Threatpost

Kaspersky Lab’s Threatpost provides daily articles, podcasts and videos on all things security. With a focus on new attacks and emerging threats, this blog can help you ensure your business is secure.

11. Paul’s Security Weekly

Paul Asadoorian’s podcast network, Security Weekly, covers IT security news and more. On its website you'll find technical articles and research studies, plus a weekly live video broadcast providing a mix of technical content and entertainment. Its objective is to ‘use new technologies to reach a wider audience across the globe to teach people how to grow, learn and be security ninjas.’

12. The State of Security – Tripwire

Tripwire provides advanced threat, security and compliance solutions to companies. This is their blog, which features multiple authors who write about the changing landscape of cybersecurity.

13. Schneier on Security

The Economist has called Bruce Schneier a ‘security guru’ as he is well-known in the field. He has written articles, essays and papers on security matters. He is an important voice in IT security, not just for his knowledge but also how he expresses it to the reader.

14. We Live Security

WeLiveSecurity comes from the brains at ESET - experienced researchers with in-depth knowledge of the latest threats and security trends. It is an editorial outlet for the latest IT security news, views and insights without scaremongering. They aim to cater for all skill levels, from expert coders to people looking for advice on how to secure their data effectively. 

15. Webroot Threat Blog

Webroot is a cybersecurity firm which delivers next-generation endpoint security and threat intelligence to customers. The know the world of IT secrity. They provide industry insights and cybersecurity tips. Their weekly Cyber News Rundown brings readers the latest happenings in IT security news. This isn't just for passive reading either, they encourage readers to ask questions once they have read the headlines.

Information is a shield

Effective security isn’t just about the software you buy. It’s also about knowledge. With the right knowledge, you can bolster your defences against any manner of cyberattack. Information is a shield and with these websites, you’ll know where to find it.

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