Seventy percent of organisations say their security risk increased significantly in 2017. But, one of the biggest factors in a successful cyberattack isn’t your technology – it’s your employees.

Check out this infographic of 10 disturbing facts about employees and cybersecurity. You can save and share the image with your colleagues or refer to the plain text version below.

10 disturbing facts about employees and cyber security body

Human Error is the leading cause of all successful cyberattacks worldwide

  • Phishing accounts for around 95% of all successful cyberattacks worldwide [1]
  • Employees are most often victims of
  • Spoofing and impersonation attacks (67%) [2]
  • Branded attacks (35%) [3]
  • Seasonal attacks (31%) [4]
  • Social engineering attacks are likely to affect 26% of employees [5]
  • 42% of small business owners say employee negligence is the leading cause of cybersecurity breaches [6]
  • 12% of employees click malicious links within phishing email attacks [7]

And it’s not always a mistake that puts your business at risk

  • 59% of employees who leave or are fired steal company data [8]
  • 23% of employees admit to using unauthorised file sharing platforms [9]

But no matter if it’s intentional, it could cost your business dearly

· Human error costs UK businesses an estimated £98.6 billion a year. [10]

The right IT policies could save your business

We can help you reduce the risk of employee activity leading to a catastrophic cyberattack. With the right IT security policies and cybersecurity, your business can withstand anything hackers throw at you.

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