In this current digital era, it’s very unusual for companies to work without computers, smartphones or some other tech items. Whether you’re establishing a new business or merely adapting to the new times, keeping on top of your IT is vitally important. The main problem is that a high percentage of business owners are not familiar with new technologies and a few common mistakes are made. At Pensar, we’re determined to help you bust through these misconceptions and set your tech goals to avoid pitfalls.

1) There Is No Need for a Corporate IT Strategy

When it comes to establishing yourself as a leading entrepreneur, most people tend to think they can just gloss over their technical setup. This misconception can lead to many costly mistakes as your IT systems may be inefficient, prone to breaking down, or simply outdated.

A better solution is to sit down with a business technology partner and work out a detailed IT strategy for your company. These experts will cover a range of bases including:

  • Finding the best technology for your needs
  • Reducing your company’s overall IT budget
  • Producing scalable solutions and meeting these aims
  • Optimising performance, usability & agility
  • Implementing environmentally friendly systems

So don’t fall into the trap of thinking everything is fine simply because it’s working. Instead, align your business strategy with your information technology and make steps towards a better platform that performs to its fullest potential. Hiring a local business technology partner is a good idea that comes highly recommended.

2) Buying New Means No Maintenance Costs

Most business owners equate new to more cost effective. After all, if you purchase a whole range of brand new computers and other electronics, you won’t need to change, upgrade or maintain them, right? Again, this cannot be further from the truth! Technology is changing quite rapidly so you need to stay on top of the latest software updates, peripherals and more to keep your business competitive. This of course will take effort, another area which a business tech partner can assist with.

3) Waiting a Long Time to Upgrade Saves Money

Finally, most entrepreneurs think that it’s best to just refrain from upgrading your office computer systems for as long as possible. While it’s true that you do save money by not purchasing new software or hardware as soon as it comes out, there is a limit to how long you can wait before your business starts falling behind. For example, you’ll need to put your staff through lengthy training if you wait too long to upgrade your IT. This will cost you more time and money than you’d spend if you’d simply made the change earlier on.

4) Macs Are Immune to Viruses

If you look on the Apple website, you’ll find they mention that their computers aren’t at risk of any of the viruses, spyware and malware found on PCs. While this is true, it doesn’t mean that Macs are completely immune to these threats. In fact, since they’ve become more and more popular, the number of viruses aimed specifically at Macs has increased. This means you’ll still have to think about anti-virus software to keep your business safe.


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