About Pensar

About Pensar

Trusted partners

Pensar’s story starts in 1996 and our success is a credit to our carefully-chosen team of talented people who have focused consistently on meeting, and exceeding, our clients’ expectations.

Doing what we love

Our secret is no secret at all; we are doing what we love. We enjoy working at the intersection between business success and the latest technology; finding the right solutions to underpin our clients’ growth.

Client focused

We work with professional services firms in and around London with a particular focus on marketing, advertising, PR and the financial services sectors. We also work with overseas businesses opening their first European office.

Your data, our mission

We love technology, but our business is built around your information: how to make it secure against unauthorised access and cyber threats, accessible from any device or location,  and recoverable so that your business is resilient in the face of serious problems.

Outsourced IT management

Because we are based in the heart of London we’re minutes from a client if they need us in a hurry. We provide our clients with support around everything related to technology becoming, in effect, their outsourced IT department and offering the kind of strategic advice you’d expect from an experienced CIO or IT director.