"Our firm has always been users of Apple products - phones, laptops and iPads. We have worked with Pensar for a number of years and they have provided excellent support for both PC and Apple users.

As a global advisory firm it is imperative that we have a robust and efficient IT set-up, and we have been able to operate - with the help of Pensar - as smoothly and efficiently from home as we could while in the office, and on both PCs and Apple products."

Jess - Ops Director - Global Advisory firm


"Pensar has looked after our IT needs for the last 5 years. We wanted to ensure we had Apple experts in place and Pensar has fitted the bill perfectly to help with our fully macOS based systems. The team at Pensar has helped us through several major upgrades to improve functionality and cyber security, as well as managing our monthly support requirements quickly and efficiently. Highly recommended."

Craig - COO of a Harley Street clinic


"We can vouch for Pensar's services. We first engaged with Pensar in 2015 to help us switch our email to a cloud based service. This was a major transition for us at the time as we needed to ensure that our widely dispersed workforce over 4 continents, and that uses both Macs and PCs, was kept fully operational during the project. It was and we have gone on since then to have Pensar help us with two office relocations and a full migration to 365. They have also helped us tighten up our cyber security whilst at the same time providing us with a highly efficient monthly support service."

Ian - CFO - Management Consultancy firm


"A great IT company is not one that is visible and constantly tinkers, but one that has installed robust systems with disaster recovery solutions in place so that when a major problem stikes a catastrophe is avoided. Pensar is one such company. When we had a burglary and 66% of our machines were stolen, Pensar got all our key personnel back up and running within an hour of the replacement equipment arriving from Apple. The remainder of the workforce was working normally by lunch time on the same day. When the Coronavirus pandemic struck and we had to go into lockdown, the systems that Pensar had put in place meant that the move from office to home resulted in just 1 hour of downtime and 100% staff working by the start of the next day."

Ashley - Finance Director - Design company


"Pensar has been our IT partner since 2013 and the relationship has worked very well for us. We have a mix of Mac and PC users so Pensar's ability to support both macOS and Windows has always been a key factor for us. Over the years, Pensar has assisted us with several major upgrades, the most of which was to transition us to being a business that operates completely cloud based. WIth our team working from home, this has been a godsend and has allowed ust o operate as normal. Pensar has also implemented strong cyber security measures making our sensitive data safe and secure, which helps me sleep easy!"

Tracy - CFO - Private Equity firm


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