Mobile telephony

Mobile telephony

Pensar partners with Vodafone to offer a wide range of mobile telephony services. Working with Vodafone enables Pensar to offer the widest range of phones, tablets and business tariffs ensuring our customers are receiving the latest technology alongside the best deals in the market.

Mobile telephony that works for your business

The benefits of this partnership include:

  • Business mobile bill analysis tool that guarantees we offer our customers the right deal for their business
  • Free next day delivery on handsets
  • 21 day returns policy for handsets
  • Loan devices, helping our customers feel confident in making the right choice for their business
  • Express exchange: like for like warranty replacements within the first 29 days on all faulty devices and a loan handset provided for all faults within the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Customer troubleshooting: if any of our customers experience any issues with their phone or contract we have the backing of Vodafone to resolve them quickly.

Want to know more about the benefits we could bring to your business? Don’t hesitate to contact us.