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We’re passionate about enabling creative organisations to have the freedom to innovate. Digital creative agencies rely heavily on The Cloud to utilise the services they need most. 

As a creative client, you will receive reliable IT services and solutions, allowing you to fulfil the needs of your own clients more efficiently. Your support will come from our team of experts using their love of cutting-edge technology to secure your valuable assets, drive productivity and come up with solutions if any problems come your way.

"We really appreciate the level of work the Pensar IT team has maintained since we decided to work from home and knowing that we have continued support makes a big difference in our daily lives. Thank you to the whole team." 

Director, Creative Agency 




If you are in the legal industry, then we are right for you – we specialise in IT Support for the legal industry. We understand that legal firms and their customers have strict guidelines to follow to ensure that private and sensitive data remains safe.  

The implications financially for legal firms who are do not have the correct systems and policies in place are significant. This is why our team have familiarised themselves with cutting-edge IT solutions that will allow legal firms to save time worrying about their finances, and their reputation being impacted negatively if IT services were not sufficiently up do date. 


Accounting & Finance

Your specific business objectives and goals are our top priority. We want to work with you to ensure that your IT services are as effective as possible.  

We will keep you connected and able to collaborate while on the move so that you can meet your business deadlines on time. We strive to empower clients who work in Accounting & Finance by ensuring that you receive all of the latest IT services available to you, and that you only pay for what you need.  

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