Our Microsoft 365 Assessment Tool will help you decide which plan is best

Without the Assessment Tool

With the Assessment Tool

Waste hours pondering which plan is best, something that could be figured out in minutes 

Answer an important question instantly
Risk overpaying  Know you’re spending the right amount for just what you need
Risk not having the right threat protection in place Peace of mind knowing your business has suitable cyber and threat protection




Making decisions is tiring

You’re doing it all week. It’s another set of options to weigh up.

  • Do you need Microsoft 365 Standard or Premium?
  • Do you need Microsoft 365 with extra threat protection, device management and security?
  • Do you even need Microsoft 365?

You don’t want something that’s lacking but you also don’t want to overpay. Your days of deliberation are over, take our Microsoft 365 Assessment to see which plan is best suited to your business needs.

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Find the right Microsoft 365 Plan for your business 

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