Frequently asked questions

Q – What I’m after isn’t listed under your services. What now?
Give us a call on 020 7952 1111 or contact us online to discuss. If it’s at all related to technology, it’s likely that we can do it. And if we can't, we'll know someone that can!

Q – Do you support Mac and PC systems? We’ve previously had to get two IT companies to help us.
Answer – Pensar specialises in Mac and PCs. We’ve found that more and more businesses are choosing various operating systems, which can cause problems for some IT companies, but not us.

Q – How quickly will I get an answer to an issue?
Answer – First your ticket goes to the response team and these are usually solved by providing you with verbal or written instructions, sometimes using remote access to your computer. Response rates vary depending on how busy the team is and the complexity of the problem. However, during busy periods, each ticket will be scheduled due to severity and impact on your work so the right priority to issues is given.

Q – We’re not based in London – will you still work with us?
Answer – Yes, absolutely, we have many clients based across the whole of the UK and around the world too.

Q – How much will it cost me?
Answer – Are we allowed to say "how long is a piece of string?" No… ok. Well, the cost of your IT support is based on the type and levels of support you choose and the number of users to be looked after. It’s worth noting that adding or removing users can increase or reduce your costs respectively.

Q – How quickly can Pensar’s support be implemented?
Answer – We’re really good. No seriously. We are. As soon as we have all the information we need – we could make mountains move within 24 hours. Typically, our clients like us to simply make it happen inside of one business week.

Q – What if I’m not happy with your services?
Answer – If you’re not happy, we’re not happy – at this point there’s not much that we won’t move, shift or make happen in order for the situation to be resolved.

Q – Do you provide 24 hour support?
Answer – Of course we do. Technology sometimes has a mind of its own that no one can predict. You can call us anytime, day or night. We will log your support ticket and provide practical help where we can until your dedicated engineer takes over.

Q – Where are you located?
Answer – We’re situated in London’s West End, minutes from Baker Street. It’s quick and easy for us to visit the majority of our clients who are based in central and greater London. For our full address, visit Contact us.

Q – How big is Pensar?
Answer – We have 15 employees who make up the core team and many other experts and partners that we call upon when required.

Q – Do you just do IT Support?
Answer – Pensar creates magic at the point where technology intersects with business. So we can do anything that’s related to IT. This includes services such as implementing ‘green’ recycling processes for equipment and component, office relocations, pull rabbits out of hats.. wait. Scratch that last one.

Q – What equipment is supported?
Answer – Your entire network is supported, including printers, switches, firewalls, email delivery to mobile devices and remote access systems. Having identified the equipment covered by your support contract, we can proactively monitor, protect and update your systems, for optimal operation.

Q – What equipment don’t you support?
Answer – Home computer equipment, unless specifically included in your support contract, is not supported. We support mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones and this covers connectivity to your main network and email delivery. Mobile or tablet apps aren’t provided for.
If you do have any specialist software or hardware, we advise that you ensure this is covered by its own support contract (e.g. accounting / CRM software, large format printers and plotters). This enables us to provide complete support as we can then manage any issues with your supplier.

Q – We have existing suppliers. Will you work with them?
Answer – Of course we will… and we do. We’re also happy to share our network of suppliers – simply because they have all passed a rigorous process, have competitive rates as well as reliable products and services.