We help businesses get the most from technology. In particular we help marketing, advertising and PR agencies, financial services firms and overseas companies who want to set up offices in the UK or Europe. We don’t just fix computers. We offer complete managed IT services including project consultancy, performance improvement, money and time-saving solutions, support and technology management. In effect, we become your outsourced IT department.

Financial services

Here at Pensar, we know how much you need to keep your eye on the ball in the financial markets. You don't need the distraction of IT issues. That's why we take care of all your IT challenges and responsibilities, making sure that your systems talk to each other, your data is secure and your staff are productive. We offer extended support hours, not just 9 to 5, and we work to exceed your expectations, not just manage them.

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Marketing, advertising and PR

Fast-moving, creative and forward-thinking marketing, advertising and PR agencies need IT support that works the way they do. You can't afford distracting problems or the performance hit that comes with second-rate technology. So let Pensar take away all that IT hassle and make sure that your systems are secure, reliable and productive. We offer extended hours of support (not just 9 to 5) and we're experts in Mac and PC integration, supporting mobile and flexible workers and ensuring maximum productivity and uptime for creative staff.

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Overseas businesses in UK and Europe

Setting up your first UK or European office can be challenging. Pensar has specialised in helping inbound American and other overseas companies get up and running for the last nineteen years. Outsourcing your technology provision and support to us can reduce costs without impacting your day-to-day operations. Our services include: office setup and relocation, internet connectivity, business telephony including cellphones, supplier management, backup and disaster recovery, hardware and software as well as traditional on-site and remote IT support. In other words, everything you need.

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