As an IT Professional, the bulk of the work we do involves using our technical skills but building relationships with customers is not only an important part of our day to day life, but an enjoyable one. It’s incredible to find out the different lives people live. I often get asked a number of questions and which I want to share my answers to, in order to help get a better insight into not only Pensar but myself as well.

“Where is Pensar based?”… This is such a common question and very easy to answer, but one that isn’t so obvious. You speak to us on the phone, converse over email and see us on site, but rarely do you need to visit our offices. So, “Where is Pensar based?”… Our office is in Gloucester Place in the Marylebone area of the West End of London. It’s an historic part of town and our offices are part of the Portman Estate and contained within a Georgian terrace built in the late 1700s. The nearest tube station is Baker Street (Google Maps: here) and you can find our address (along with other contact details) on our website.

An interesting fact is that the bank at the top of Baker Street was famously robbed in 1971 and was also used in the semi-fictional film “The Bank Job” (something to think about if you pass on the way to visiting us!). A few doors down from us, 65 Gloucester Place was the home of William Wilkie Collins (1824-1889) who was the early master of the mystery story and the first English novelist to write in this genre.

 Andy Field, Field Engineer

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