If you need to buy extra PCs or replace old ones, you are advised to do so in the next 6 weeks.

Why? In a word – a dreaded word - Brexit. (Yes, sorry!)

There is much talk in the IT trade press of price increases as a result of what seems ever more likely to happen on 31 October, especially with anticipated currency fluctuations.

And, for once, we don’t believe this is an industry sales tactic!

By PCs we mean Windows PCs/laptops/servers, iMacs and MacBooks. In fact most types of IT hardware.

  • If you have older items (more than 5 years old definitely and over 3 years old ideally), you are advised to replace.
  • If you have any Windows computers running anything less than Windows 10 Professional (Windows 7 is 10 years old and Microsoft support finishes in January 2020), you are advised to replace.
  • If you have a Mac that isn’t running a recent version of Mac OS (10.13 or later), you are advised to replace.


Pensar has secured attractive fixed pricing from vendors for a limited time period.

Please don’t leave it until the last minute as it is expected that the supply chain will become constrained the nearer we get to ‘B Day’, so now is the time to act.

Contact us if you'd like help choosing the correct systems for your business technology needs.

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