"Sex sells" is a long held belief in Marketing and Advertising. Likewise the use of Puppies and Babies in adverts. The Limbic System stimulates humans to react - something agencies have relied upon for years. But from a business perspective, and depending on the product or service being offered, we cannot rely only on this anymore. Why? Here are some reasons.

Think about sex, for instance. The majority of models used for these ads are wonderful, attractive, but out of reach for most of the population. So what’s the point of buying something that doesn’t suit the average costumer? Think about your buyer persona and stick to their needs, goals and requirements.

Yes, puppies and babies are a super cute source of attraction. Who wouldn’t like these little friends?  They have been used to attract customers for years and are still useful especially in the FMCG sector. But what about if you’re not selling toilet paper or chocolate? You will need more than a cute face on your campaigns for prospects to trust you and want to work with you.

In the era of social networking, peer recommendations are the future. When doing business, people are not seen as isolated individuals anymore, but rather a good source of cooperation and (most importantly) referrals.  The open engagement has never been as powerful as now, due to thousands of social media platforms out there to connect and share information, positive or negative.

So when it comes to reach a targeted audience, maybe you should think about your clients and their network. Pamper them, make them feel they’re important and be there not only when they need you, but also anticipate their pains. Word of mouth is the most important form of advertising nowadays because happy customers will spread the word and that will result in more leads.

Use your social media platforms as a way to educate and fascinate your potential customer; don’t try to sell as soon as you get those contacts. It just doesn’t work anymore. You’re better being known as the reliable and friendly company that offers more than a product or service. Help your customers, promote them - and that’s what you will get in return.

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