This is part three of a series of blog posts giving marketing agencies quick, helpful advice so they can overcome some of the most common technology problems they face. We’ve been working with marketing agencies since day one, so we have a few hacks up our sleeves to help.

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Tech hacks for marketing agencies #3

Basecamp is a great productivity tool for marketers who find it impossible to keep tabs on who needs to do what, and when they need to get it done by.

When you start using Basecamp, it's small, manageable and easy to see what you need to do. But, once you've got several to-do lists across multiple projects, it gets a lot harder to see what's assigned to you in Basecamp. But all is not lost.

  1. If you want to see everything that's assigned to you in Basecamp, just click the 'Me' tab at the top of your Basecamp window. From there you'll see every to-do assigned to you and can click the due dropdown and sort those to-dos by when their deadline is set (and try to forget about how many to-dos you've got coming up next week).

  2. If you want to see everything that's assigned to you from a certain project, you can do that to. Simply navigate to that project, scroll down past 'Latest project updates' and 'Discussions', and click on the red title reading 'To-do lists'. You'll be taken to a new screen where you can look at to-dos assigned to you, or anyone else.

  3. To do the same thing on a single to-do list, follow the process from example 2 above, but simply click on the to-do list title instead.

If you're kicking yourself for not knowing how to do this earlier, don't worry, so was I when I found out!

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