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7 July 2017

8 things you need for an effective data migration

As a small business owner,  you're always looking for ways to disrupt your industry - whether that be through innovative products, stand out services or even new technology. But is technology disrupting you? 

30 June 2017

4 reasons why data protection matters for growing small businesses

Every small business has big data‘Data becomes big when you can't use Excel anymore’ says Gael Decoudu, ‘When you're trying to merge several sources together and connect it all together to make sense, that's when data becomes big.’

22 June 2017

Why outsourced IT support is right for your business

You’ve spent years developing and growing your small business, so letting go and letting someone else take the reigns on something (like your IT support) is a challenge. We get it. But here’s why you should do it anyway.

13 June 2017

Are Macs more secure than PCs? Not always. Here’s why

Let’s get one thing straight: Mac users are less likely  to be targeted by hackers and cyber criminals than PC users. But that doesn’t mean Macs are definitively more secure than PCs.

5 June 2017

5 essential bits of IT advice for small businesses

When you’re a growing SMB (small-to-medium sized business) you want technology to help you move faster, not hold you back. Here are 5 essential bits of advice to help you turn your IT from a drag to a boost.

31 May 2017

How proactive IT management keeps your business on its feet

‘Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee – his hands can’t hit what his eyes can’t see’

4 May 2017

4 ways to prepare your business for the GDPR

There’s just a year to go before the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becomes fully enforceable. Are you ready?

25 April 2017

4 important things that get forgotten about in office relocations

Everybody knows that office relocations are stressful, and even the best-laid plans often go awry or miss a crucial step. Everybody also knows that, in the process moving offices, you must remember to notify your suppliers and tell your clients you’ve moved.

18 April 2017

11 essential browser-based apps for marketing agencies

Did you know that technology accounts for 33 per cent of the average marketing budget? Most of that spend, according to Gartner, goes towards infrastructure; marketers are investing in more apps, more bandwith and more computation power to cope with the demands of data-driven marketing.

11 April 2017

How to securely save and send large files

We’ve all experienced the painfully long upload wait when trying to send email attachments, only to receive the eventual error message because the file is too big. Here are some alternative ways to securely save and send large files.