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29 May 2014

London Transport strikes: another reason to enable a mobile work environment

Raise your hand if you live or work in London. Now raise your hand if you’ve had to deal with never-ending commute journals, seasoned with chaos and disorder in the last few months.

22 May 2014

Teamwork : Building Your S.T.A.R Team

Building a team that is passionate about your business, is proud to work for you, and shares your core values is absolutely integral to your success,

9 May 2014

Customer Satisfaction: The Key to Loyalty

It’s a fact: we are all so busy these days, and in our midst of being so busy, we can get much focused on that fact alone. It can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

1 May 2014

Understanding Cloud Based Services and Data Centres

The cloud is making a huge impact on the way organisations are transforming their businesses to meet the evolving needs of their customers.

24 April 2014

How to Tell Your Origin Story: The Art of Brand Storytelling

“Stories also create value. If you take a simple object and build a story around it, the value increases exponentially.

10 April 2014

4 Common Misconceptions When Arranging Business Technology

In this current digital era, it’s very unusual for companies to work without computers, smartphones or some other tech items. Whether you’re establishing a new business or merely adapting to the new times, keeping on top of your IT is vitally important.

3 April 2014

Are Workplaces Prepared For a Flexible Future?

The global landscape of work is changing dramatically. As our economies grow, businesses will need to be agile and responsive to new demands from consumers and employees.

20 March 2014

Avoid the “Takers”- people who steal your time and energy

How do you recognise takers? Also known as “toxic people”, these individuals with negative traits tend to drain others’ energy and usually leave them in a difficult position once they’ve been “poisoned”.

12 March 2014

Pensar Joins Dropbox Partner Network

Dropbox has recently extended its Business Partner Program to Europe and we are pleased to announce that Pensar is one of the initial Dropbox for Business Partners in the UK.

7 March 2014

How to say “no” in the office (and not get fired)

Your boss has requested a last minute report rewrite that he hasn't the time to do and your colleague has asked for some help. It’s 5.45pm on a Friday evening and you’ve not left the office on time for the last month.