In today’s world, where technology is in constant evolution, Pensar is committed to delivering the best technology services and making sure clients get access to the most up-to-date solutions.  As we provide on-going consultancy, one of our missions is to advise customers on upgrading their technology infrastructure.

Shelley Fishel of The IT Training Surgery, talks to us about the importance of technology upgrades for businesses.

In many cases much of what is needed is 'behind the scenes' equipment most of us don't see and yet all of it will affect everyone. Projects of this nature never completely run to plan and it's very easy to see why many perceive them to be a poor use of resources. However, with the rapid evolution of the way staff work, tied with the desire to remain competitive in our current economy, simply ignoring the conversation with your IT provider will be detrimental to your business.

Technology upgrades should be planned and managed properly to avoid the two biggest causes of project failure: poor planning and poor communication. Discussions prior to embarking on the project often fail to touch enough on user adoption in a way that ensures their smooth transition and prevents users from improving their levels of productivity markedly.

After all, to upgrade your IT system only to perform at the same level as before should just be unthinkable. The cost of financing this project in conjunction with the cost of poor ROI from the original investment will only encourage others to perceive IT as a 'necessary evil'. In reality a correct upgrade will be quite the contrary.

From a user's perspective, the newer versions of ubiquitous products such as Microsoft Office offer so many benefits for businesses. Therefore ensuring your staff get the most out of the functionality the software offers requires more than just a day or two during the bedding down period. Ensuring that application training is a central part of your staff's training plan is key to make sure you don't further risk increasing your hidden costs.

Whether you are planning for, or currently going through an IT refresh, be sure to ask your IT provider what application training will be in place to help support your staff's professional development and company productivity.

Thinking about your next IT upgrade? Let us know! We will be more than happy to help you and share our expertise.

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