Technology has brought the world closer together. However, providing transatlantic IT support to a satellite office is harder than you'd think.

We’re going to let you in on a dirty little secret: if you’re in San Francisco you can’t fulfil the IT support requirements of an office in London.

Not effectively anyway. You’re better off outsourcing to a local IT support provider.

When it comes to IT support, it’s best to go native, here are three reasons why.

1. Local IT support understands the culture

A common cultural understanding is crucial to providing the best possible IT support. This is because cultural differences can slow down IT management.

These differences can take many forms. Sometimes they can be as fundamental as not knowing the language. Sometimes you don’t know what can cause friction. It could even come down to something as simple as your communication style or making a cultural faux pas.

These are not insurmountable issues. But, when it comes to effective IT support it’s simply not good enough to be ‘good enough’. IT management keeps your business moving and all the cogs turning, so when you invest in IT support, strive for excellence.

To achieve this, you need people who share a common language and culture. In other words, you need someone local.

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2. They understand the laws of the land

Your overseas office may be in a country with similar values, but it could have very different laws. If your office is in the UK or EU, you need to consider the General Data Protection Directive (GDPR). This regulation brought greater transparency and trust to laws concerning data collection, privacy and sharing individual personal data for EU citizens.

This differs from the US, as there isn’t the same ‘citizen first’ approach to data handling and protection. American data laws are not as stringent as those in Europe.

You could spend a lot of time and money learning these laws for yourself. You could train your American staff in GDPR compliance. Or, you could hire an expert firm that already knows the law. One that can spare your business falling victim to its heavy financial penalties.

3. They are in the same time zone

One of the biggest barriers international IT support officers face is time zone differences. How can you resolve an issue in your satellite office when you are 12 hours apart? What’s more, you can't fix all problems remotely. If there is an issue with hardware your office needs someone local who can be on-site in a reasonable amount of time.

As much as they may enjoy the holiday, you can’t send your engineers on a flight across the Atlantic every time there’s a support query. What your overseas office needs is an IT support team that is available (and awake) when they need them.

IT support wherever, whenever you need it

No matter where in the world you are, we can provide effective IT support to your UK overseas office. We can offer a dedicated, expert engineer who can respond to any technical issues you have, or advice you request.

Get in touch to discover how Pensar can help keep your global business running effectively.

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