This is part two of a series of blog posts giving marketing agencies quick, helpful advice so they can overcome some of the most common technology problems they face. We’ve been working with marketing agencies since day one, so we have a few hacks up our sleeves to help.

Tech hacks for marketing agencies #2

What's HubSpot? It's an all-in-one marketing platform that allows it's 19,000 customers to automate marketing processes, create campaigns and track marketing metrics.

To export all your contacts in HubSpot, or just count them all, you’re going to need a Smart List with all of them in. This handy trick lets you do exactly that:

  1. Go to Contacts > Lists
  2. Click New List
  3. In the criteria section, click Contact Property.
  4. Select Create Date from the dropdown and click the radio button next to is known.
  5. Click Name List and choose the Smart checkbox. Or, if you'd like the list to always show your contacts at the moment it was created, select Static.

Simple. All of your contacts will have a known 'create date' so following these steps will give you a HubSpot list of all of your contacts.

(Thanks to HubSpot Academy for this tip.)

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