It's an imperfect world. Sometimes, sh*t happens.

We've all got horror stories. We've all benefited from hindsight. We've all got a work environment that should disaster strike, we'd want it to remain perfectly untouched. Great. So how exactly does one ensure the work environment remains intact should the sky fall down?

A DRP is the plan of action for fixing a failing, degraded or completely damaged infrastructure, the processes involved of dealing with the aftermath and ensuring that infrastructure (systems, building, etc.) is restored to the pre-interruption state.

There are several factors to consider when setting up a DRP, such as:

1. Budget

2. Human and technological constrains

3. Resources

4. Costs vs benefits

Also, it is important to have a primary contact within the company who will ensure that procedures and policies planned will be followed. Other things to bear in mind are whether you have any particular regulatory obligations laid down by your industry as well as the sensitivities around yours and your clients' data.

If any of this is ringing true for you, download our Disaster Recovery Guide and get the knowledge you need to navigate any storm you may face.

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