The ransomware epidemic by the numbers (Infographic)

16 November 2016 by Mark Williams

Ten years ago, even some security experts hadn't heard of ransomware. Today it's an epidemic. Datto's ransomware infographic shows just how many businesses are coming under threat.

Businesses big and small are being targeted therefore your organisation can no longer afford to remain in the dark about this dangerous cybercrime trend.

Ransomware infographic: by the numbers

Datto has charted the frightening rise in ransomware attacks and visualised it by the numbers. Read on to learn what your business should be looking out for and how you can minimise your risk of attack:

The ransomware epidemic, by the numbers

Backup and disaster recovery are by far the most effective way to counter the growing threat of ransomware. Learn more about ransomware and how backup and recovery are key to keeping you safe in our free business guide:

Download Pensar's business guide to ransomware

Download Pensar's business guide to ransomware

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