Can a file be restored?

20 July 2013 by Mark Williams

A lot of people panic as soon as they realize they have deleted a file as most believe it is gone forever. But, through the use of regular backups and modern server technologies, it is possible to retrieve what once was lost.

A well maintained server infrastructure will have full backups of all business critical data running daily to local storage, to an offsite location or a combination of the two (by subscribing to our “SIRIS” service). This enables the file to be restored within a matter of minutes.

Using a technology called shadow copies (also known as previous versions) which is now a part of modern server operating systems, files are automatically saved at regular intervals throughout the day. The advantages of this, and what a lot of people do not realise, is that the files can be retrieved from a more recent backup and users can do this themselves, without the need to call IT Support.

Martin Edwards, Service Desk Engineer

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