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Mark Williams

14 April 2016

Why small businesses are embracing IT managed services

The number of small and midsize businesses (SMBs) outsourcing their IT management to a third party is set to increase over the next three years. The global managed services market is predicted to grow to $193B by 2019, according to a CompTIA report.

8 April 2016

Is free antivirus effective?

Free antivirus: the best of both worlds right? Full protection; zero cost.

22 March 2016

Email security: is your inbox bad for business?

Email scams are growing more sophisticated and, according to a recent survey, two thirds of Britons simply don’t understand how vulnerable they are. People think they won’t be subject to an attack, or that they would recognise one before it does any damage. The reality is far less positive.

10 March 2016

Security on the go: how to make mobile working safe

As mobiles have evolved beyond basic communication tools, they have become more exposed to risk.

16 February 2016

Expert advice: 6 key legal issues with IT contracts

This article on the key legal issues with IT contracts was written by Simon Halberstam, head of technology law at Hill Hofstetter. 

9 February 2016

How the right technology can help your business attract the best talent

Dave Coplin of Microsoft UK bemoans the plateau of mediocrity we experience when technology is simply ‘good enough’ for what we need. Good enough is not great though, and great is what attracts fresh, exciting candidates to your company.

2 February 2016

10 top tips for improving office communication

The days of the notorious office memo are gone. Modern workplaces are busier, more dispersed and more IT dependent than ever, making fluid communication a challenge for managers and employees.

26 January 2016

Get more from your IT partner with an IT requests process

You might think the whole point of having an IT partner is to prevent you from having to think about IT yourself. Wrong. That’s simply a wasted opportunity.

19 January 2016

How to get quick results from IT support

If there’s one thing we all know about IT, it’s that it’s never perfect. Your team will always have a stream of issues and problems that need resolving. That’s why you have IT support, right?

11 January 2016

10 IT security questions you need to ask about your business today

Connecting your company to the web is essential in the Digital Age, but the daily challenges of running a competitive business can often distract from keeping your business safe. Well, it’s time to focus. Here are ten essential IT security questions you need to ask yourself today to find out if your IT security is really up...