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Mark Williams

27 July 2016

How to count the number of words in an Excel cell

Over the next few months we'll be running a series of blog posts giving marketing agencies quick, helpful advice so they can overcome some of the most common technology problems they face. We've been working with marketing agencies since day one, so we know the kind of problems they have and we have a few hacks up our...

20 July 2016

The essential employee exit IT security checklist

Employees will come and go so it helps to have an employee exit IT security checklist to make sure that there are no gaps in your defences after they leave.

6 July 2016

3 IT mistakes to avoid when opening an overseas office

Expanding your business overseas is a big step and not everyone is ready, willing or able to do so yet. That said, 82 percent of US businesses are looking to expand overseas to Asia and Europe.

29 June 2016

Help, I’ve got a virus! What to do if your business is attacked

How would your business respond if you got a virus? Far too many businesses wait until they’ve already suffered a cyber attack to think about that question. By then, the damage is already done: when a virus hits your systems, every second counts.

15 June 2016

8 reasons why Pensar works well with marketing agencies

At Pensar, we’ve been working with marketing agencies since day one. That’s a long time to work alongside any industry, and we don’t plan on changing. So why does Pensar work so well with marketing agencies?

9 June 2016

5 best apps for time tracking

When you work by the hour you need to use your time wisely. Making the most of your time isn’t easy, but tracking how you spend it can help you become more efficient and productive. However you want to measure your time, there’s an app for that:

25 May 2016

Do you know what IT stands for?

IT stands for Information Technology. Despite being the most crucial element in any business, however, the ‘information’ aspect is often overlooked. Sure, you need the latest apps, software and devices to compete, but technology is a tool to enhance and protect something far more important – your data.

11 May 2016

How to keep data safe in your overseas office

When you’re a thousand miles away, it’s hard to have visibility and keep data safe in your overseas office. Trying to keep data safe is a major challenge, but there things you can do to make it easier. Here we outline the four most crucial steps you need to take to keep data safe in an overseas office.

4 May 2016

In-house or outsourced IT support: which is better for your business?

Need IT support for your business? Can’t decide between hiring an in-house manager or an external support partner?

28 April 2016

Make sense of IT requests with the non-techie guide to IT jargon

Handling IT requests is hard if you don’t understand IT jargon. Learning the basics will not only make relaying the request to your IT support provider easier and quicker, but you will also begin to understand what the problem is and whether you even need to bother IT support.