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Mark Williams

12 November 2013

The 5 Best After-Work Activities to Revitalise Body and Mind

Normally, we are so busy every day that all we want to do when we get home is lay on the couch. Even the smallest things seem to be a hard task. But laziness just leads to apathy if you don’t kick yourself into some action.

5 November 2013

What mobility means for SMBs

With a billion connected devices shipped in 2012 and that number expected to double by 2016*, there’s clearly a huge demand for mobile IT, whether it’s tablets, smartphones or other devices

29 October 2013

Why Face to Face Still Matters in Business: The P2P Theory

We’ve recently attended the CompTIA EMEA Member and Partner Conference, meeting up with old peers and making new connections that have ended up in some useful conversations and relationships.

18 October 2013

Increase your efficiency and profit by planning your time

As busy professionals, we have lots of tasks to do and a little time to handle, so we tend to freak out as a result. Stress, anxiety and mind block are the typical symptoms involved, but chaos only rules if you do not plan!

9 October 2013

Sex, Puppies and Babies (only) Are Not Effective Anymore

"Sex sells" is a long held belief in Marketing and Advertising. Likewise the use of Puppies and Babies in adverts.

1 October 2013

Why Team Building can really improve your business

Team building is a term we hear a lot within the business world, but what does it actually mean and what are the benefits of investing in such a thing?

25 September 2013

iOS vs Android: Two teams, one debate

We’ve been having an on-going debate here at Pensar HQ about Android and iOS operating systems and devices.

17 September 2013

Disaster Recovery: Plan B

It's an imperfect world. Sometimes, sh*t happens.

10 September 2013

Pensar becomes the first Central London IT Solutions Provider to attain the CompTIA Accredit UK Trustmark+ ™

We don’t have to tell you we are the best IT Company in London. This does it for us:

The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) has certified Pensar to receive the prestigious CompTIA Accredit UK Trustmark+ ™ - the first IT Solutions Provider in Central London to attain this certification.

2 September 2013

For or against Social Media usage in the office?

We interviewed Shelley Fishel, Founder of The IT Training Surgery. She shared with us her perspective on this trending topic, as the Social Media usage debate continues in most sectors.