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Mark Williams

26 January 2016

Get more from your IT partner with an IT requests process

You might think the whole point of having an IT partner is to prevent you from having to think about IT yourself. Wrong. That’s simply a wasted opportunity.

19 January 2016

How to get quick results from IT support

If there’s one thing we all know about IT, it’s that it’s never perfect. Your team will always have a stream of issues and problems that need resolving. That’s why you have IT support, right?

11 January 2016

10 IT security questions you need to ask about your business today

Connecting your company to the web is essential in the Digital Age, but the daily challenges of running a competitive business can often distract from keeping your business safe. Well, it’s time to focus. Here are ten essential IT security questions you need to ask yourself today to find out if your IT security is really up...

10 December 2015

The art of delegation: how small business owners can put their time to better use

When the workload is piling up, and you’re confronted with a mountain of urgent tasks, delegation is the only answer.

10 December 2015

Why employee consultation matters with new IT projects

In product development it’s a well-known fact that involving customers in the design phase boosts consumer satisfaction. Knowing and understanding the customer’s needs is key to creating a good product.

4 November 2014

Pensar chooses Daisy to broaden portfolio


In order to continue to offer our clients the widest range of high quality services we possibly can, Pensar has recently partnered with Daisy Wholesale

11 September 2014

3 facts about email every business owner should know

Do you remember when you set up your first email address? If you’re 35 or older, you might have imagined yourself as Tom Hanks or Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail, about to receive a message from your soulmate thousands of miles away. If you’re a Millennial, it was probably one of the first exciting 'grown-up' things you got to...

26 August 2014

Glocalisation: the art of thinking globally and acting locally

“Globalisation” is a term we welcomed a while ago and has been integrated in our daily business operations.

31 July 2014

Why a mobile-savvy environment is beneficial for your business

Our culture is becoming so dependent on mobile devices that it’s not a surprise the amount of mobile traffic will outpace the PC this year.

24 July 2014

Seeking answers to the “low morale” dilemma in the workplace

Here’s a question for you: Do you believe that “morale is affected by performance” or that “performance is affected by morale”?