As a long standing member of the Apple Consultants Network , Pensar is excited to hear about the upcoming release of iOS 13.

Announced at Apple's WWDC Conference in June , the latest version of the operating system for iPads and iPhones is a major new release that includes some great new features.

Key Features:

  • App update times have improved and launch times are twice as fast. App download sizes have been reduced by up to 50 percent and Face ID recognition is 30 percent faster.

  • Dark Mode. If you are working or browsing at night, the new dark mode will be a handy addition.

  • The Photos app has been overhauled and there are many additional editing features built-in to allow for faster and easier photo editing.

  • Security and privacy have been improved with enhanced controls for managing location data shared to apps and a new “Sign in with Apple” privacy feature.

  • The Apple Maps app has been updated for broader and better coverage.

  • CarPlay in iOS 13 has had a significant update. There will be a new dashboard for maps, music, calendar and much more.

  • Plus Audio sharing will allow you to share music or film sound to another set of AirPods, text editing will be easier, and the files app will now support folder sharing and accessing files from external storage.  

There are many more features to get excited about!

The release of iOS 13 is currently scheduled for September/October 2019.

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