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Aligning Business Strategy with Information Technology

Written by Mark Williams | 6 February 2014

An effective IT Strategy is essential for achieving and maintaining a successful business. A common mistake made by businesses is to assume that since everything appears to be working fine that therefore it is. Information Technology should never be thought of as a commodity but as an investment. Through IT, businesses can grow and take advantage of new opportunities.

Unfortunately many businesses do not have a strong link between their business strategy and IT, which can make all the difference between a business succeeding or failing.

IT Strategy identifies existing problems and the changes required to ensure your business is running smoothly and is prepared for the future. As the world rapidly changes and becomes more global your business needs to evolve too in order to remain competitive while keeping costs down. The main objective of IT Strategy is to align your Business Strategy with Information Technology capabilities.

Taking into consideration future goals, a flexible plan will evolve as your business grows. By being responsive to changes in your business circumstances, such as budget constraints and new technologies, your business can continue to operate and thrive without any hiccups.

Resource Optimisation and Cost Reduction

To ensure that your IT capabilities are being utilised effectively all areas of technology management within your business, such as cost management, workforce management and risk management, must be taken into account.

This may involve helping you to realise extra opportunities where you can reduce things like purchasing expenses and overhead costs. Recognising and implementing solutions to increase the output of your workforce will also save money. This may be accomplished by improving communications within the work place and remotely to make more efficient use of labour time. In addition, a properly implemented IT Strategy provides transparency from the ground floor up so that issues can be quickly and effectively identified and dealt with before they turn into more serious problems.

Other all-important areas in which an IT Strategy can help your business are sales and customers. This may be accomplished through an appropriate marketing and communications plan. By ensuring that relevant data is quickly available to you, your business will be in a position to maintain good customer relations and act promptly when new sales opportunities arise.

The alignment of your Business Strategy with Information Technology can also help with things like optimising your business inventory and predicting demand to ensure that you stay ahead of the game.

Growth and New Technologies

IT Strategy helps businesses, no matter how big they are, prepare for growth. By adopting a scalable plan your business will be in a good position to cope with increased levels of customer demand and a larger workforce.

Through redesigning, developing and streamlining internal processes your business will become more efficient and productive. This applies not only to businesses with poor IT systems but also to those with an efficient system, as there is always room for improvement.

Since technology is continually evolving it is important that your IT Strategy is under regular review to ensure that you take advantage of every opportunity that will enhance the operations and prospects of your business.

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This blog post is modified from the original courtesy of our friend James Cash of Superfast IT