The best creative businesses don’t deal in the ordinary.

Your bottom line is based on creating unique, memorable experiences and content for clients. So, why would you settle for a ‘one size fits all’ IT consultancy package from your vCIO?

When looking for a vCIO, you need to make sure they have a deep understanding of your industry. Only then can they provide the level of service you need to succeed.

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So, before you dive into a new partnership, make sure they are clued up in the following key areas:

What’s the latest software and technology?

Before you partner with a vCIO, ensure they understand your industry’s tech landscape. Don’t leave it to chance, and don’t be afraid to challenge their knowledge. After all, they need to understand your business’s technology needs.

After all, what works for the finance industry may have little to no merit for creative businesses.

One of the first things a vCIO will do is create a technological roadmap for your business. This roadmap will help with future strategizing, highlight any technology gaps and align the right software to your business goals.

Make sure your vCIO knows:

  • What hardware people are commonly using in your industry
  • If mobile devices / IoT devices are a necessity
  • What CRM best suits your industry

Who are the main industry players?

It can be difficult keeping up to speed with your competition. Understanding what is going on in your wider industry is an integral part of remaining competitive in the market.

Providing and analysing these business insights is an essential part of any vCIO role and vital for your continued business growth.

Take the time to brief your chosen vCIO through your key competitors, as well as the companies you aspire to. This will allow them to build a reliable picture of your industry, which they can use to create a winning strategy.

What are your key market trends

A good vCIO will be able to align your IT with your broader business goals, all while identifying new opportunities. With an understanding of the context in which your business operates, they will help you to reach a new level of growth and performance.

Having a finger on the industry’s pulse is essential. When you partner with a vCIO, be sure they have their eyes on the future and aren’t resting on outdated practices.

A vCIO worth their salt should have a solid knowledge of:

  • Where the market is heading
  • What your key competitors are doing
  • Which trends to buy into and which to leave behind

Remember, a vCIO’s core purpose is to take your business into the future, so make sure their recommendations are fresh and up to date.

How to ensure success

Without a deep understanding of your essential industry needs, a vCIO’s effect on your business outcomes will be limited. Knowing what to look for will ensure you find your new secret weapon to business transformation and growth.

To ensure your vCIO partnership is a success, follow these steps:

  • Fully brief your vCIO on competitors, case studies and your business aspirations
  • Be critical of any vCIO trying to apply a ‘one size fits all’ solution to every industry
  • Choose a vCIO with a broad range of knowledge and experience

Under our IT support umbrella, we offer distinct vCIO services to boost growth for creative businesses like yours.

To learn more about how to choose your ideal business technology partner, check out our free guide.

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