10 Reasons to choose Pensar

1. We do it because we love it

There’s no faffing about, when all your technology needs are supplied by Pensar, efficiency is increased, there’s no supplier arguments and accountability is straightforward. Easy.

2. Your personal engineer

Carefully selected for their communications skills as well as their technical expertise, not only will you have a consistent point of contact for everything, but they will also be able to explain complex issues in plain English. There’s no jargon here. Your engineer will also have full understanding of your business so they can jump straight into whatever the problem is. All advice is independent and unbiased.

3. On-site, on the phone or online – your choice

Depending on what suits your business best, your technical issues could be reported and resolved remotely or in person. The personal touch is important, especially for more complex issues, however our rapid remote support is second to none.

4. 24/7 Access to a real person

If you’ve got a technical issue then you don’t have to wait until ‘opening hours’ to report it. Pensar has people available on the end of the phone at all times.

5. Macs and PCs

When it comes to Mac or PC support or even when you need them to work together – you’re in safe hands. Whether you have Macs, PCs, iPhones or Android devices in operation, we’re the IT Service Provider to make them do exactly what you need them to do.

6. Improve performance. Reduce cost.

We just don’t understand why or how it could be any other way. Technology makes us more efficient so we can improve performance and reduce costs. Simple.

7. Disaster strikes? Don’t worry! We’ve got your back.

We know too well, that just like the weather, disaster can strike at any moment. Prevention Measures means ensuring you have Disaster Recovery Action Plans in place to protect your business and your clients too.

8. Business as usual

Even when it’s not. Migrations, moving suppliers, moving office – we get it. We get that it must be business as usual even when you’re anything but. It’s one of the top reasons why our clients stay with us as long as they do.

9. More than IT – clean, green and responsible

Pensar doesn’t just manage your technology, we work with you to navigate the challenges you didn’t expect and the situations you don’t want. If you want to ‘go green’, Pensar works with fully accredited recycling companies to ensure your data isn’t exposed whilst we’re all being good citizens.

10. The Pensar Guarantee

A 30-day trial with your money back if you’re not happy with Pensar’s services. If, for any reason, you’re not loving what Pensar does and we can’t bring a smile to your face, then you’ll be refunded for all support charge payments made during this time. However, we’re confident that won’t happen.